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FUN and Memorable Bar/Bat Mitzvah Parties for EVERYONE!

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John Parker Band
Dreamscape BandCity Heat Band

The John Parker Band - is based in both Palm Beach, FL & Pittsburgh, PA
John performs primarily in Central & South Florida and in The Northeastern US.
Though his band is available for performances anywhere.

Pittsburgh Based Bands City Heat & Dreamscape perform primarily in PA, OH, NY & WV

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Bar/Bat Mitzvah The most fun Bar & Bat Mitzvahs - we think - feature a "family" approach to fun - that's to say the Bar Mitzvah and his/her friends - at least a good portion of the party - have fun side by side with the adults dancing to fun songs, playing games, and - of course - doing a Hora (or 2, or 3)

We play lots of contemporary - modern music and all the Party classics. The modern music we choose is new & fun - but never lewd, disrespectful or inappropriate. Kids like it because we actually care enough about them to play newer music. Adults like it both because of what we DO play (fun Party favorites) but also what we care enough NOT to play...

And DJ? Sure, we have access to unlimited music to DJ and your kids can list some songs and we can bring them to "mix in" (as long as they are not inappropriate)

And sure, we'll gladly hand out some "schlock!" (and we can provide party "dancers" or "motivators" to help if desired!)


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